Cube Escape

Cube Escape is an intellectual game that gives players many interesting puzzle challenges. Download Cube Escape for sure you will have extremely unique experiences never seen before.

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1. Introducing Cube Escape
2. Key Features of Cube Escape
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Cube Escape is a game adapted from the famous detective movie Cube Escape : Paradox with many attractions, bringing an exciting and exciting atmosphere to fans of the series <spantarget=”_blank”>puzzle game. Detective Dale Vandermeer wakes up in a room full of uncertainty without any recollection of his past, he quickly realizes he has become entangled in a bizarre game orchestrated by an old enemy. Dale must solve puzzles with increasing difficulty to escape the room and recover his memories.</spantarget=”_blank”>

Download Cube Escape – Intellectual game puzzle for Android phones, iPhone

Dale Vandermeer will have a range of connections and interactions with Paradox. There will be 2 different directions and many endings. In the game also appear beautiful paintings painted by artist Johan Scherft. Besides, there is an immersive atmosphere music by Victor Butzelaar. The powerful vocals of Bob Rafferty and starring David Bowles.


– A unique game/movie combined experience.

– Bring a lively and exciting puzzle atmosphere.

– A variety of connections and interactions with films.

– Many epilogues.


Enigmatis is also a puzzle game that many fans love the detective style, <spantarget=”_blank”>Enigmatis takes you on a quest to find hidden objects and discover interesting places, experience thrilling details.</spantarget=”_blank”>

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