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Google Translate for iPhone helps you translate to any popular language in the world today just need a phone with 3g, 4g or wifi connection, Google Translate for iPhone has fast translation speed, ensure content standards for translators to refer to.


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With the Google Translate app for iPhone , users can translate any word, sentence, or even a long piece of text. To translate words and phrases with<spantarget=”_blank”>Google Translate: users just need to select the translation language and start typing words. The translation results will appear immediately. You can even perform the copying of text in any application and paste it into the working window of the program. Besides, when translating a single word you will see a simple dictionary appear at the bottom, referring to part of the speech and variations of that word.</spantarget=”_blank”>

Google Translate for iPhone – Text translation app

Google Translate for iPhone allows users to translate up to 103 different languages when the device is connected to the internet. And when offline, you can still translate the languages of 59 countries. Google Translate for iPhone provides quick two-way speech translation in multiple languages. The input is speech, and the tool will recognize the two languages being spoken, allowing you to converse more fluently. Translation feature via handwriting mode, draw characters instead of using the keyboard.

In particular, a feature that many users love about Google Translate for iPhone is fast translation through the camera. Use your camera to quickly translate text in 30 languages. This means that in case you travel or go abroad, if you encounter any words on road signs or on other objects that do not know the meaning, you just need to hold out your phone for that object to be fully displayed on the screen, Google Translate for iPhone will automatically translate for you. This feature does not require a Wifi connection or data connection.

google dich cho iphone

Google Translate for iPhone has the function of translating spoken languages, voice calls

If you want to translate the content of a certain web page, Google Translate for iPhone will also help you do it quickly. You just need to enter the URL of that website in the language input dialog box and click Translate. If you point to the translated text, the original text for the highlighted area will be displayed in a bubble directly above the translated text. To see the full original text of the page, click the View: Original button at the top of the pane for the translation page.

Another useful feature that Google Translate for iPhone brings to users is to translate all data from the computer without having to copy and paste a large amount of text. Just click on the translate a document link and upload your file as pdf, txt, doc, ppt, xls or rtf.

Google Translate for iPhone is a free app that Google offers to iOS users. Google Translate for iPhone supports translating text from Vietnamese to English and many other languages, allowing you to instantly translate text from more than a hundred languages on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad easily and quickly. Google translate now has a lot of unique features, many people know Google Translate English, Google Translate Korean, in addition you can also learn more how to translate with images online, Google translate images on iPhone, how to translate web pages on iPhone this application. Some recent user reflections on the phenomenon of Google translate slurred are just an unusual feature, not intrinsic to Google.


Link to download Google Translate for Android

In case you use an Android device, you can also download Google Translate for Android to facilitate your study and work.

=> Link <spantarget=”_blank”>to download Google Translate for Android</spantarget=”_blank”>


– Translation, multilingual conversion.

– Look up dictionaries quickly on mobile.

– Translate handwriting with a camera.

– Features viewing the original text.


Vietnamese English Dictionary is also English to Vietnamese translation software and is a favorite dictionary, the attraction of Vietnamese English Dictionary is the addition of pronunciation features by letter and voice, as long as users type in a word, you will receive information about Vietnamese pronunciation and <spantarget=”_blank”>English</spantarget=”_blank”> voice pronunciation.

You can refer to the TFLAT Vietnamese English Dictionary application to support your word lookup and translation, the advantage of <spantarget=”_blank”>TFLAT Vietnamese English Dictionary</spantarget=”_blank”> is to provide up to 320 thousand standard American accent pronunciation vocabulary used offline

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