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PhotoRite SP for Symbian – Take pictures on the phone – Take pictures on the phone …

Version: 6.1.3Copyright: PaidRequirements: Symbian OSSize: 1.1 MBRelease: Zensis

PhotoRite SP for Symbian is an application that supports you with extremely unique and interesting photo framing and effects tools. This is an application designed for free for Nokia devices. Join the app to see its outstanding feature.



PhotoRite SP for Symbian is an application that makes it possible to take and highlight stunning photos to get a better look for your device. The application also allows you to add frame photos, magic mirror effects while you take and save photos.

The PhotoRite SP for Symbian app is an app that gives you a stunning and unique camera. In addition, the application also brings you an editor, view all the photos for the phone camera.
PhotoRite SP for Symbian is a smart application with a unique and attractive design system and a modern interface. Joining this application is simple and easy with just Symbian OS for your device.
Main features of PhotoRite SP for Symbian:
– Bring a new application that is fully compatible with the phone camera.
– Support you can preview in real time of effects and photo frames.
– Save in different resolutions supported by the phone with the fastest speed.
– Can 8x digital zoom be more efficient.

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