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Download System Mechanic – Optimize the computer operating system

System Mechanic is a tool that cleans and repairs problems that occur due to various causes in the system, restoring the operating speed of Windows.

System Mechanic helps you clean your entire computer system, delete unnecessary files, detect and repair problems caused by virus attacks or many other causes. As a result, it frees up some of the memory of the hard drive and improves the speed of Windows operation.

System Mechanic provides many useful features such as cleaning the Registry, defragmenting computer memory, protecting your privacy when accessing the Internet, permanently deleting folders, files stored in the Recycle Bin, defragmenting of the hard drive …

In addition, System Mechanic is also an effective tool in managing the configuration of the system such as managing and monitoring the operation of many applications, deleting unnecessary duplicate files that take up a lot of disk space, or uninstalling applications to replace the Add/Remove feature of Windows.
Main features of System Mechanic:
– Clean up the computer system.
The program will automatically search and remove more than 50 different types of junk files including junk files, empty folders, duplicate files, obsolete files, installations of obsolete applications, shortcuts, fragmentation of applications left over after uninstalling…
– Optimize the performance of the hard drive.
System Mechanic Free will reorganize files, optimize and extend the life of SSD hard drives, keeping them always operating in the highest working state.
– Defragment computer memory.
The computer memory defragmentation mechanism is built into System Mechanic Free, which will help you organize, tidy and free up part of the memory retained during applications working on the computer.
– Manage the operation process of applications.
The program will help you manage all activities of applications running on your computer, turn off applications that automatically start with the system when not really needed.
– Windows Startup optimization.
Using this feature helps the computer get rid of boot files but is actually “enveloping” viruses and malware, deleting unnecessary boot files in the system.
– Defragment the hard drive.
This feature is capable of protecting important data in the hard drive, optimizing the operation of the computer as well as the reliability of the drive. You can customize your settings so that this status is updated regularly.
– Registry cleanup.
The application will help you remove invalid and outdated data such as hotkey combinations, invalid fonts, unnecessary DLLs … clean and rearrange the Registry. The program will automatically create Registry backups before doing its job, avoiding problems during work.
– Fix any problems that occur in the system.
System Mechanic is capable of fixing problems on the hard drive, fixing or deleting shortcuts that point to invalid locations.
– Ensure confidentiality.
You can use this application to protect your privacy, avoid prying eyes from others by deleting history, cookies, temporary Internet files, downloaded applications … in Web browsers, delete conversations on chat applications Yahoo, Skype, etc.
– Permanently delete files.
The program will help you permanently delete files, folders stored on the hard drive or in the Recyle Bin.
– And many more features.

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